7 min

Chilean short films in competition

Solo Quería Hablar
Roedoras Criaturas
Relatos de Zombies
Pide lo que Quieras
Mira Quien Ríe Ahora
Hasta que la Muerte nos Separe
Filius Ex Ummo
Estrellado Anochecer
El Rockero El Crítico de Arte y La Mujer Maravilla
El Profesor Maldito
Eat Me Tender
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  • Hasta que la Muerte nos Separe (Gustavo Ramírez)
  • Manatí (Aníbal Orta)
  • Desamparo (César Adriazola)
  • Descontrol (José Miranda E. y Cristóbal Chacón)
  • Femme (Walter Álvarez)
  • Pide lo que Quieras (Jorge Weber)
  • V(al)Paraíso (Pablo Alibaud H.)
  • El Rockero, el Crítico de Arte y la Mujer Maravilla (Paul Johans Felmer V.)
  • Anular (Francesc Morales)
  • Relatos de Zombies (Víctor García Viedma)
  • Eat Me Tender (Patricio Valladares)
  • Sendero (Andrés Bustamante, Théo Court, Manuel Muñoz)
  • Valdemar (Rodrigo Hidalgo)
  • Filius Ex Ummo (Claudio González y Giovanni Lucaveche)
  • Mira Quien Ríe Ahora (Mauricio Menéndez)
  • Luca (Lucio A. Rojas)
  • Strogonoff (Esteban Rojas)
  • Estrellado Anochecer (Nicole Castro)
  • Eternidad (Patricio Díaz y Michael Farfán)
  • Roedoras Criaturas (Daniel Guzmán)
  • El Profesor Maldito (César Chacana)
  • Solo Quería Hablar (Cristián Vidal).

Latin American short films in competition

  • Dedicado a Nadie (Argentine, Andrés Borghi)
  • El Acomodador de Zombies (Argentine, Jorge Yatzuba y Gustavo Di Virgilio)
  • El Móvil (Uruguay, Raúl Antoine)
  • La Nueva Niña (Colombia, Juan David Gil Palacio y Ángela Tobón Ospina)
  • Naturaleza Muerta (Argentine, Romina Caramagna)
  • Réquiem para un Cerdo (Argentine, Bruno Valente)
  • Pieter (Uruguay, Pablo Pera P.)
  • Akai (Brazil, Carlos Gananian)
  • Los Visitantes (Argentine, Lautaro Brunatti y Milagros Ferreira)
  • The Container (Uruguay, Diego Melo)
  • Perdida (Argentine, Watta Fernández)
  • Soy una Manzana (Uruguay, DJ Peluca)
  • Attack Of The Disco Zombies (Uruguay, Darío Núñez)
  • El Concurso de Manchas (Argentine, Juan Manuel Bertozzi)
  • Rojo en el Bosque Sangriento (Argentine, Tetsuo Lumiere)
  • Truco (Uruguay, Guzmán Vila)
  • Las 77 Páginas (Argentine, Diego Arandojo y Mauro Savarino)
  • Zombie Baker Gaby (Uruguay, Pablo Praino)
  • Mati (Uruguay, Diego Melo)
Attack Of The Disco Zombies
Dedicado A Nadie
El Acomodador de Zombies
El Concurso de Manchas
El Móvil
La Nueva Niña
Las 77 Páginas
Los Visitantes
Naturaleza Muerta
Réquiem Para un Cerdo
Rojo en el Bosque Sangriento
Soy una Manzana
The Container
Zombie Baker Gabi
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international short films in competition

Barbara Broadcast
Casting Call For Cthulhu
Da Man Da Raiña Vermella
For A Few Marbles More
Il Proiezionista
La Mañana Maldita
Made in Japan
Now You See Me, Now You Don't
The Aunt Tigress
The Cabinet
The Night Of Hell Hamsters
The Pit The Pendulum
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  • Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (Hungary, Attila Szasz)
  • Impulso (Spain, Juan y Antonio Castaño)
  • The Cabinet (Canada, Karem Lam)
  • Anónimos (Spain, Cristián Pozo)
  • Made in Japan (Spain, Ciro Altabás)
  • Kasting (England, Alyosha Saari)
  • Da Man Da Raiña Vermella (Spain, Omar Rabuñal Varela)
  • For A Few Marbles More (Netherlands, Jelmar Hufen)
  • Orce (Italy, Diego Carli)
  • Casting Call For Cthulhu (Canada, Joseph Nanni)
  • Barbara Broadcast (Belgium, Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet)
  • Vadata (Germany, Manuel Lebelt)
  • Hellequin (Italy, Roberto Loiacono)
  • Creepers (USA, Nick Thiel)
  • La Mañana Maldita (Spain, José Martínez y David Muñoz)
  • The Aunt Tigress (USA/Taiwan, Wei Ling Chang.)
  • Droomtijd (Belgium, Tom Van Avermaet)
  • The Night Of Hell Hamsters (England, Paul Campion)
  • Il Proiezionista (Italy, Roberto Loiacono)
  • Ray Harryhausen’s The Pit & The Pendulum (Canada, Marc Lougee)

movies in competition

Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth
USA. 2007. Science Fiction. 87 min.
Direction: Richard Schenkman.

After history professor John Oldman suddenly resigned from the university he worked at, his colleagues impulsively invite him into their own home, pressuring him to give them an explanation. But they are shocked to hear the reason for his premature retirement: John says he must move, as he is an immortal and cannot stay in the same place for more than 10 years without his secret being discovered. Disbelief and emotion erupt when John instigates his colleagues to find some void in his story. What began as a friendly encounter will soon turn into something unexpected that will lead to a surprising climax.

Doctor Infierno, La Película (Dr. Hell, The Movie)
Spain. 2007. Horror, Science Fiction, Comedy. 84 min.
Direction, script and edition: Paco Limón.

Doctor Hell, a renowned gynaecologist, wants to dominate the world. His plan: to cure humanity thanks to a miraculous medicine, in exchange for its total submission. But his goals will be compromised when a loose end, Nurse Garcia, wants revenge on him. The murderer sent to his extermination has failed. Nurse, murderer, the boyfriend of a neighbor, the doorman of the farm and many other ordinary people, will be immersed in a frenetic unreason under the secret bunker of Doctor Hell.

Oscuro/iluminado (Obscure/illuminated)
Chile. 2008. Fantastic Melodrama. 77 min.
Direction and script: Miguel Ángel Vidaurre.

Miguel -young film director- loses his wife in a strange accident. Impossible to forget her, he becomes obsessed with her image and recreates it again and again in a series of cinematographic representations. The life of his characters is intertwined with their own obsessions impeding their differentiation and submerging him in a fall without return.

Muñeco Viviente V (Living Puppet V)
Uruguay. 2008. Horror, Comedy. 93 min.
Direction and production: Maxi Contenti

Bruno is a young man disturbed by his mysterious past. When he was a child, an ugly, bald plastic doll threatened his life and that of his family. Now, years later, and returning from a vacation with his parents, he will again have to face his worst fears. Between his relationship with his very strange friends and the particular situation with his parents, Bruno will have to become an action hero and put an end once and for all to this… Living Doll!

Mangue Negro (Mud Zombie)
Brazil. 2008. Horror. 104 min.
Direction, script and photography: Rodrigo Aragáo.

In a swamp surrounded by mountains, a small community is sustained by the excessive extraction of its natural resources. Luiz, a shy young man, has long wanted to declare his love for Raquel, a beautiful young woman who becomes the object of desire of local men. Strange events begin to change the tranquility of the village, when terrible creatures emerge from the bowels of the swamp in search of human flesh. Now Luiz must fight desperately to save what he most appreciates: Rachel’s life.

No Moriré Sola (I Will Not Die Alone)
Argentine. 2008. Horror. 86 min.
Direction and script: Adrián García Bogliano.

Four friends return to their village, by a lost route, riding in their ramshackle car after having finished the academic year. Halfway through they pick up an injured young woman, the victim of a group of poachers. In their eagerness to help her they become casual victims of this group of savages, who unload all their contained fury against the young women.

On Evil Grounds (Auf Bösem Boden)
Austria. 2007. Horror. 82 min.
Direction, script and edition: Peter Koller.

Romeo and Juliet decide to buy an attic located in a dismantled factory. Nobody lives there. But the crazy owner of the factory, and his colleague, a real estate agent, have been kidnapping and torturing young and innocent couples. And now they believe that Romeo and Juliet are the right victims.


Delivered by vote of the audience.

Best International Short Film: Made in Japan (by Ciro Altabás, Spain).
Best Latin American Short Film: Mati (by Diego Melo, Uruguay).
Best Chilean Short Film: Strogonoff (by Esteban Rojas, Chile).
Winner of the “New Blood” Award (Best Debut Director): Esteban Rojas by Strogonoff (Chile).
Best Feature Film: Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth (by Richard Schenkman, USA).

Delivered by the Jury formed by Jorge Olguín (President), Cristóbal Valderrama and Jorge David.
Quotations in quotation marks have been written by the Jury as a whole.

Short Films Section:

Best International Short Film: Anónimos (by Cristián Pozo, Spain)
“For developing a very intimate personal theme in a broad genre such as fantasy, with mastery and talent.”.

Best Latin American Short Film: Attack Of The Disco Zombies (by Darío Núñez, Uruguay)
“For being the short with the least credits of all. Because the main characters made the sound, camera, make-up, catering, production and assisted themselves… and on top of that there was a good, funny, quality and bizarre short film!”

Best Chilean Short Film: Valdemar (by Rodrigo Hidalgo)
“For being an old-school horror story, with class, with atmosphere, for rescuing with respect the text of a master like Edgar Allan Poe and giving it a colonial flavor.”.

Winner of the “New Blood” Award (Best Debut Director): Carlos Ganaian by Akai (Brazil)
“For being the short one with the most blood. For being a vampire film with an impeccable invoice of which, Carlos Ganaian, is a great promise in the Latin American horror genre”.

Feature Films Section:

Special Mentions:
Mud Zombies by Special Effects.
“For giving dignity to the precarious, for putting the Latin American gore on an international level, in which Sam Raimi himself would have liked to have in his first Evil Dead.”.

On Evil Grounds for Photography and Editing.
“For having an excellent photograph and an impeccable edition”.

Winner of the “New Blood” Award (Best Debut Director): Rodrigo Aragao by Mud Zombies.

Categories in Competition:
Best Screenplay: The Man From Earth. Scriptwriter: Jerome Bixby (posthumous award).
“For being the final work of one of the great talents of science fiction, who left a great legacy for the followers of this great genre full of heroes and living dead”.

Best Actresses: Gimena Blesa, Marisol Tur, Andrea Duarte and Magdalena de Santos by No Moriré Sola (I Will Not Die Alone).
Since rewarding a single actress would be unfair to all of them, it was decided to reward all of them.
“For not shouting once, holding on with clenched teeth to be raped, beaten and humiliated. For giving dignity to scream queens and super vixens like never before in Latin American cinema.”.

Best Actor: Felipe Braun by Oscuro/iluminado (oscure/illuminated).
“For allowing himself to be tortured by a disturbed academic director, for surviving it and for betting on working in a genre unusual in our Chilean cinema”.

Best Director: Adrián García Bogliano by No Moriré Sola (I Will Not Die Alone).

Best Feature Film: No Moriré Sola (I Will Not Die Alone).
“For turning an ultra-chewed plot into new territory. For giving us our own Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

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