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short films in competition

  • S (Cristóbal Sepúlveda-Plaza, Chile)
  • Camino Al Cementerio (Mijael Milies, Chile)
  • Las Extraordinarias e Inauditas Aventuras del Hombre de Aluminio (Juan Cristóbal Jurgens, Chile)
  • R.O.A.C.H. (Sergio Luca Loreni, Italy)
  • Fábrica de Muñecas (Ainhoa Menéndez, Spain)
  • El Creyente (Willy Burrut, Argentine)
  • Zombie Burger Attack (Pablo Baltera, Argentine)
  • The Curse Of Yig (Paul Von Stoetzel, USA)
  • The Magic Box (Álvaro Ramos, Spain)
  • 2507 (Francisco Parra, Chile)
  • Monsterhead (Gustavo Miranda, Chile)
  • La Búsqueda y La Locura (Nikolás Illanes, Chile)
  • Wilt (Daniel Wogelmann, Germany)
  • Envy Of The Dead (Isa Swain, United Arab Emirates)
  • Juan Con Miedo (Daniel Romero, Spain)
  • The Ogre (Márcio Júnior y Márcia Deretti, Brazil)
  • All Men Are Called Robert (Marc-Henri Boulier, France)
  • Pickman Model (Michael Shlain, USA)
  • Salvación (Pedro Jaén, Spain)
  • Visitante Nocturno (Alejandro Ianni, Argentine)
  • Trapalanda (Rodrigo Meza, Chile)
  • Red Star (Demetrio Babul, Chile)
  • Enemigo Lejano (Pablo Roldán, Chile)
  • La Amenaza del Monstruo Mutante (J. I. Mardones, Chile)
  • Macadam Transferts (Aurelia Mengin, France)
  • Puerta con Puerta (Ricardo Fernández, Spain)
  • Thy Kill Be Done (Greg Hanson y Casey Regan, USA)
  • Evaluación Final (Lorenzo Ayuso, Spain)
  • La Tragedia del Hombre Hueco (Jorge de Guillae, Spain)
  • Profesor Brofman (David Macián, Spain)
  • Forense (Leonardo Herrmann, Chile)
  • Cazadores Espaciales (Alejandro Espinoza, Chile)
  • No Da (Pablo Alibaud, Chile)
  • Inocencia (Luis Ramírez, Chile)
  • Overture (Dan Sachar, Israel)
  • La Orquesta de las Mariposas (Isabel Soria, Spain)
  • Extraña (Joel Caetano, Brazil)
  • Anorexia (K. Prada y J. Prada, Spain)
  • Los Vampiros (Jaime Rodríguez, Spain)
  • Once Uno Diez (Juan Pablo Mazzini, Argentine)
All Men Are Called Robert
Camino Al Cementerio
Cazadores Espaciales
El Creyente
Enemigo Lejano
Envy of the Dead
Evaluación Final
Fábrica de Muñecas
Juan con Miedo
La Amenaza del Monstruo Mutante
La Búsqueda y la Locura
La Orquesta de las Mariposas
La Tragedia del Hombre Hueco
Las Extraordinarias e Inauditas Aventuras del Hombre de Aluminio
Los Vampiros
Macadam Transfers
No Da
Pickman Model
Profesor Brofman
Puerta con Puerta
Red Star
The Curse Of Yig
The Magic Box
The Ogre
Uno Once Diez
Visitante Nocturno
Zombie Burger Attack
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movies in competition

The Theatre Bizarre
USA, France, Canada. 2011. Anthology. Horror. 114 min.
Direction: Douglas Buck (segment “The Accident”); Buddy Giovinazzo (segment “I Love You”); David Gregory (segment “Sweets”); Karim Hussain (segment “Vision Stains”); Jeremy Kasten (framing segment); Tom Savini (segment “Wet Dreams”); Richard Stanley (segment “The Mother Of Toads”)

Enola Penny is obsessed with a small, abandoned theatre in her neighbourhood. One night she impulsively decides to take a look. He finds an empty theatre, with no audience and animated by Peg Poett, a puppet who will tell him 6 strange stories: A couple visiting a remote area of the Alps will cross paths with a lascivious witch; A cellopath will take his partner to the limit; Freudian dreams of an unfaithful husband blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality; The horrors of the modern world are reinterpreted by the mind of a child; A woman addicted to other people’s memories manages to calm her addiction by extracting the vitreous fluids of her victims and the perverse obsession of a couple that becomes too intense.

Toque de Queda (Curfew)
Guatemala. 2011. Horror. 95 min.
Direction: Ray Figueroa and Elías Jiménez.

In Guatemala, violence is contagious. The neighbors of Villas de la Esperanza, anguished by the eventual invasion of people infected with violence, decide to arm themselves and patrol at night, ready to defend their homes and families with their lives. But fighting violence with violence only spreads contagion; and neighbors will realize that the greatest danger is not what is outside our homes, walls and access controls. The danger is inside with us. In Guatemala violence is contagious and we are all infected.

Muerte Ciega (AKA Zombie Dawn)
Chile. 2010. Horror. 80 min.
Script, production and direction: Lucio A. Rojas y Cristian Toledo.

A viral infection has taken everything. In the Chile of the future, a mine-born epidemic has wiped out most of the population. A group of soldiers and scientists must go to “ground zero” -closed several years ago- to try to find a cure. But along the way, they will meet infected, bandits and traitors.

The Whisperer In Darkness
USA. 2011. Supernatural. Horror. 103 min.
Direction: Sean Branney.

It’s 1928 and for Professor Albert Wilmarth, a prominent rationalist at Miskatonic University, the legends and folklore that speak of strange creatures in the mountains of Vermont are just that: folkloric myths. But he receives an invitation to investigate the area, since after a torrential rain a series of strange bodies in the shape of giant insects are found in the river bed. When he arrives he only finds the hostility of the locals and a clue that will take him to discover the horrors that this small town of New England hides.

La Noche del Chupacabras (The Night Of Chupacabras)
Brazil. 2011. Horror. 92 min.
Direction: Rodrigo Aragao.

A young couple return to their hometown, in the rural area of Espírito Santo, in a journey through forests and mountains, places that are full of mysteries, legends and natural beauties. Upon arrival, Douglas finds his relatives completely disturbed by the enigmatic death of all the farm animals and by the old conflicts that resurface between two rival families. The Silva brothers are increasingly sure of the revenge planned by the Carvalho, however, the father is sure that something much more sinister is hiding in the jungle. Between fights, persecutions, hunting and many shots, the mythical figure of the Chupacabras presents, for the first time, his murderous face.


Audience Award.
Delivered by vote of the public.
Best Feature Film: “The Theatre Bizarre” by Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini y Richard Stanley.
Best International Short Film: “All Men Are Called Robert” de Marc-Henri Boulier, France.
Best Latin American Short Film: “Zombie Burger Attack” by Pablo Baltera, Argentine.
Best Chilean Short Film: “Trapalanda” by Rodrigo Meza.

Jury Awards
Short Films Section
Jury made up of José Miguel Ortega (Vice-president), Pía Rey and Francesc Morales.

Best Chilean Short Film: “Camino al Cementerio” de Mijael Milies. “For his successful use of the camera, rhythm and photography”.
Best Chilean Animated Short Film: “Trapalanda” by Rodrigo Meza. “For his creativity, excellent animation and careful research of the graphic references of the seventeenth century”. Award granted in view of the exceptional amount of Chilean animation works.
Best Latin American Short Film: “The Ogre” by Márcio Júnior and Márcia Deretti, Brazil. “For having a great level of animation, accompanied by the originality of the drawings, as well as giving a new twist to an epic story”.
Best International Short Film: “Wilt” as well as the New Blood Award in the short film category for debut director Daniel Vogelmann from Germany. For the photography, the rhythm, the performances, the script and direction that come together to grant a work that stands out above the others. The use of suspense and the atmosphere created are a clear indication of a director who knows the codes of the genre”.

Special Jury Mentions
Short Films Section:

Special Mention for Art Direction to “Fábrica de Muñecas” by Ainhoa Menéndez, Spain. “For the careful art direction, which is revealed as a great complement to the mechanical and monotonous existence of the characters”.
Special Mention for Photography to “Overture” by Dan Sachar, Israel. “For their excellent photography and ambience, which both manage to transmit the ravages of a world in decomposition”.
Special Mention for CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and Visual Effects to “R.O.A.C.H.” by Sergio Luca Loreni, Italy. “For the professional, meticulous and detailed quality of creating a scenario and a future world generated only from CGI and Visual Effects”.
Special Mention for Photography to “Redstar” by Demetrio Babul, Chile. “For his excellent photography, taken from another planet”.
Special Mention for Script to “No Da” de Pablo Alibaud, Chile. “For his ability to communicate in one minute a great story that recalls the most inspired moments of the work of Juan Padrón in “Filminutos”.

Jury Awards
Feature Films Section
Jury composed of Ernesto Díaz Espinoza (President), Bernardita Pérez-Cotapos and Juan Carlos Berner.

Best Feature Film: “The Whisperer In Darkness”.
Best Director: Sean Branney by “The Whisperer In Darkness”.
Best Actor: Matt Foyer by “The Whisperer In Darkness”.
Because it is a wonderful production, full of mystery, emotion and nostalgia, which together with the magnificent direction, manages to transport us to a cinematographic era in which Lovecraft himself would have approved it”.

Best Screenplay: “Toque de Queda” (Curfew) by Ray Figueroa.
For a work of writing that focuses very well on terror from a social point of view, reflecting the fear and distrust generated by those marginalized by society”.

Best Actress: Brenda Lara Markins for her performance in “Toque de Queda” (Curfew).
For his role as Rita, a complex character, full of nuances and who knows how to hide many secrets”.

Special Mention to “La Noche del Chupacabras” (The Night Of Chupacabras) for Makeup Special Effects and soundtrack.
For the realistic quality of the special effects of makeup those who are able to integrate to the story as a character and to the soundtrack, rhythmic and choral, which is the voice of a rustic and jungle Brazil”.

Special Mention to “Muerte Ciega” (Zombie Dawn) by Art Direction.
To achieve, with few resources, a coherent history in a desolate and militarized Chile”.

New Blood Award in Feature Film Category to debut directors: Lucio Rojas and Cristián Toledo by “Muerte Ciega” (Zombie Dawn).

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