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Illustration Competition: “Art of FIXION Fest 2019”

The organizers of the FIXION Film Festival invite all those interested in participating in the “Art of FIXION Fest 2019” Illustration Contest to submit their entries. The theme for this version of the competition will be free, with the only axis of action being the thematic genres of the fest: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy. A winner will be selected from the designs received, whose work will be used as the official graphics for the 5th Fantastic & Horror Film Festival. The deadline is December 2th, 2018. All the designs participating in the competition will be exhibited on the festival’s website.


Terms and conditions:

1) Illustrators, drawers or photographers from all over the world can participate, professionals or amateurs.

2) Only works that do not contain any kind of text will be accepted.

3) The objective of the illustration is to achieve a wide arrival, reception and convocation of the general public.

4) The theme of the illustration must be related, inspired or based on any of the topics and subtopics on which the festival is based: Terror, Science Fiction or Fantasy.

5) Any illustration technique may be used, including “analogue” art, digital art and photography.

6) Papers should be sent in JPG format with a weight of no more than 500 kilobytes. The file must respect a clear format to designate it, following the criterion “name_of_the_author.jpg”. In case of submitting more than one work, numbers can be assigned to the illustrations (“name_of_author_01.jpg”, “name_of_author_02.jpg”). It should be noted that the image sent must be a diminished copy of the original (96 DPI), which must have a higher resolution (300 DPI) for reproduction in posters of an approximate size of 60 x 40 centimeters (24 x 16 Inchs).

7) The works will only be received at the following e-mail address: where an acknowledgement of receipt of the work(s) will be given and any doubts or queries regarding this call will also be attended to.

8) Each author may submit a maximum of 3 works.

9) The works will be received until Sunday, December 2th, 2018. The result will be announced on Thursday, December 6th, 2018.

10) The following information must be sent together with the illustration to be submitted: Name or Pseudonym and means of communication (telephone, e-mail and postal address). The name of the file sent and the title of the work must also be indicated.

11) The organizers of the Festival are fully authorized to publish and diffuse the works when they deem it appropriate. The winner of the competition renounces the copyright in favour of the FIXION Festival for a period of one year from the date of the winner’s opinion.

12) The author of the winning work authorizes the organizers to cut, edit or modify the work, allowing, for example, to add texts, images or logos related to the festival.

13) The winning work will be used as the graphic for the diffusion of the event, as well as in the web page, promotional articles or any other means that is considered necessary. Mention will be made of the name of the winner citing it within the same winning illustration. In addition, the winning artist will be given two VIP passes to attend free of charge all the functions, activities and workshops that take place during the festival.

14) The prize of the contest cannot be considered deserted.

15) The jury will be made up of the FIXION Festival production team, who will select the winning illustration.

16) Submission to the competition implies acceptance of these rules. Any unforeseen event not established in them, will be interpreted and resolved solely and exclusively by the organizers of the Festival FIXION, and will not give rise to any subsequent claim.

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