FIXION Fest Reboot

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Some time ago, during the first edition of the festival, I was approached by someone who was visibly anxious and something nervous. Between congratulations and handshakes, he told me how excited he was to finally be able to see at last one of his short films at a genre film festival, as well as the plus of being appreciated by an audience that understood him. That small fragment that told a story of persecution between a murderer and his victim, had taken him months to complete the work, sleepless nights and some discussions with his family… not to mention the fact that he had previously sent him to several mainstream festivals, without any results. He finally told me something I still remember: “when I decided to start counting this story, I never thought of abandoning it. Simply the call, the desire, was stronger”.

11 years later, and after a parenthesis of 7, we wanted to start again. This reboot won’t be from zero, maybe we would have changed the name, maybe started a new numbering, but we didn’t want to leave behind all the valuable experience learned in previous years, as well as that obtained in other film festivals. We were the first, the only ones, the strangers and we were proud of that, but that wasn’t enough to keep it alive. Leaving it in suspended animation was the best option. So, like the good doctor, we injected him with the best formula of the re-animator serum and during a cold night of thunderstorm we shouted madly: “It’s Alive! It’s Alive!”.

From now on, we have planned to make some changes to the festival that will simplify production, as well as the participation of directors, sponsors and the audience that attends. These changes include the use of digital distribution platforms, demanding higher quality standards for the works that participate, include other formats, other more experimental topics and also incorporate other types of activities.

For now, and independently of the main edition of the fest, we will have for the first time our Halloween Horror Special 2018, which will be presented exclusively at Cineplanet. For one afternoon, it will be a marathon of premieres whose only theme will be terror. There we will have the latest, the best shorts and feature films… and more than one surprise!

You are warned.

René Weber Q.
FIXION Fest 2018.
Possunt quia posse videntur.

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