Halloween Horror Special 2018

4 min

October 31st and November 1st
Cineplanet Mall Florida Center and Mall Plaza Alameda
Cinema Marathon from 18 Hrs.
Entrance CLP$ 3.000
Only for people over 18 years old
Only Horror, with a little more of surprises!

Wednesday 31th October
Cineplanet Mall Florida Center and Mall Plaza Alameda
From 18.00 hrs.

Short-Films Block:

Once Bitten… (UK, Pete Tomkies, 10 m): Martha needs the bathroom in her hotel room repaired, but there is a problem: the plumber could be a vampire.

The Plague (Uruguay, Guillermo Carbonell, 10 m): Rosa’s father returns home. He hides a secret, but he doesn’t come alone.

The Shadows Await (Sweden, Tomas Stark, 15 m): Andrea is 9 years old and runs away from home to help his friend who will deport him. Can a comic drawn by them help them?

Red Line (Uruguay, Santiago Ventura, 3 m): An astronaut runs through the almost deserted surface of an apparently unexplored planet.

Parallelism (Spain, Carlos Cobos Aroca, 11 m): Two friends enter a large hotel surrounded by a forest, where mysterious shadows will lead them to their true destiny.

Sol (Brazil, Carlos G. Gananian, 14 m): That inner voice in his mind, doesn’t want to go away.

Bye Bye Baby (Spain, Pablo S. Pastor, 15 m): A young woman prepares to spend a quiet night at home watching a movie as only company. After the call of a girl friend, everything seems to be going wrong.

Sons Of Bitches (Swiss, Arnaud Baur, 20 m): Sally is a prostitute, as can no longer tolerate the abuses decides to flee and face the cold and snowy mountains, alone.

Total: 100 minutes approx.

Once Bitten
La Peste
The Shadows Await
Red Line
Bye Bye Baby
Sons Of Bitches
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Feature Film:
Chile, Lucio A. Rojas, 106 m.

The Chilean A Serbian Film.

Script: Lucio A. Rojas; Photography Direction: Sebastian Ballek; Art Direction: Pamela Rojas; Sound Design: Mauricio Molina; Music: Ignacio Redard; VFX & 3D: Jump Cats VFX; Edition: Cristian Toledo & Lucio A. Rojas; Special Effects Makeup: Isabella Marchesse. Main Cast: Catalina Martin, Daniel Antivilo, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar, Felipe Ríos, Dominga Bofill, Eduardo Paxeco, Claudio Riveros, Max Torres y Alejandro Trejo.

Chile, 1973. After the military strike puts a dramatic end to president Allende‘s government, general Augusto Pinochet rules the country with blood and fire. Gruesome and unpunished murders took place in the shadows of the Chilean dictatorship. In the present day, what could have been a pleasant weekend in the countryside for a group of young women, turns into a nightmarish run to escape the horror that survived. As more locals are involved, and the lustful bloodbath gets unleashed, one by one the unlucky visitors must confront the unspeakable evil that lies inside ordinary men.


Trauma has been official selection in more than 40 festivals around the world.


  • Winner Best feature “Nightmare Film Festival” (USA)
  • Winner special mention, “Mórbido Fest”(Mexico)
  • Winner Best feature, “Optical Theater” (Italy)
  • Winner Best Extreme film “Optical Theater” (Italy)
  • Winner Best Supporting actor, Felipe Ríos “Optical Theater” (Italy)
  • Winner Best special effects, Isabella Marchesse “Optical Theater” (Italy)
  • Jury Award @ Muestra de Cine Lo + Prohibido (Spain)
  • Winner best Actress Ximena del Solar “The Vancouver Badass film festival” (Canada)
  • Winner best cinematography, Sebastián Ballek. “HorrorAnt” (Greece)
  • Winner best actress, Ximena del Solar “Edmonton Festival of Fear” (Canada)
  • Winner Best special effects, Isabella Marchesse “Fanges” (Chile)
Thursday, November 1th
Cineplanet Mall Florida Center.
From 18 Hrs.

Short Films Block:

Dead Celebrities (UK, Michael Fausti, 11 m): He is Mick. Psychopath who wants to be famous at any cost, but who knows the secret of several dead celebrities: Elvis, Jim Morrison or Judy Garland.

Deliria (Sweden, Tomas Stark, 8 m): A hot summer afternoon. A father takes care of his son. Suddenly, something moves on the grass.

Polterheist (UK, David Gilbank, 18 m): Two petty thieves kidnap a medium and force her to contact her gang leader, whom they themselves murdered.

Calipso (Portugal, Pedro Martins, 15 m): A fungus produces an epidemic of zombies everywhere. A couple has been in quarantine for years and must now face the outside world.

End Of The Dead (France, Mathias Clatot, Florian Duviella, 10 m): The zombie apocalypse is slowly ending. For those who know nothing more than surviving by fighting them, it’s hard to do anything else.

La Inquilina (Uruguay, Raúl Pierri, 12 m): A real estate agent receives a strange and absent woman to rent her an apartment, where years ago a tragedy occurred.

Titan (Spain, Álvaro González, 13 m): Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is the assignment of the Chronos Mission. One of the astronauts is in charge of searching for new forms of life. This is their story.

Transmission (UK, Tom Hancock, Varun Raman, 17 m): A dystopian bunker. Leonard mentally escapes torture through the unconnected images shown on a TV screen.

Total: 103 minutes approx.

Dead Celebrities
End Of The Dead
La Inquilina
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Feature Film:
The Black Forest (AKA: A Mata Negra, El Bosque Negro)
Brazil, Rodrigo Aragão, 98 m.

Direction: Rodrigo Aragão; Executive Production: Mayra Alarcón; Production Management: Ana Carolina Braga: Photography Direction: Alexandre Barcelos y Francisco Xavier; Sound Direction: Alexandre Barcelos. Production: Fábulas Negras Producciones Artísticas Ltda. Main Cast: Carol Aragão, Jackson Antunes, Clarissa Pinheiro, Francisco Gaspar, Elbert Merlin, Marco Antonio Reis y Markus Konká.

In a forest in the heart of Brazil, a girl sees her life – and everyone around her – change terribly, when she finds the Lost Book of Cypriano, whose Dark Magic, besides bestowing power and wealth on its possessor, is able to liberate a terrible evil upon the earth.


Best Latin American Film, Macabro Fest (Mexico).
Best International Gore Film, Feratum Film Fest (Mexico)
Full Dimensional Entertainment Award, Blood Window
Also official selection in more than 10 festivals.



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